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Experience The World (Race) in Three Minutes.

If you had a year off, and money was no object, what would you do?

See the world? Me, too.

And I know a bunch of people who are doing just that, people who Marcy and I just got to coach on this amazing life changing journey. They were serving and changing lives as they traveled.

The World Race can be hard to explain.

Racers serve. They explore. They pray. They take risks. They love the unlovable.
They get dirty. They grow. They change.

Sometimes it’s hard for them to put words and images around what they’re
experiencing out on the Race. You just kind of have to be there. So our World Race 
team put together an epic video to help us all be a part of what they’re experiencing.

It’s not long, so take three minutes to watch. Then check out the comments on
YouTube and see what the Race means to them, and share what God is doing
around the world.

What would you do with a year off? Leave a comment…