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Life In The Fast Lane

Life has been full this past month or so. During that time, Church 2 Church has launched five international trips: one to the Dominican Republic, three to Haiti, and one to Cuba. In addition, Marcy and I spent a week in Washington D.C. to help launch “G” squad on their World Race. Our squad of 54 young people, ages 21 to 33, are about to spend a month in each of 11 countries on three different continents. We were with them at their training camp in the Georgia mountains and at their launch in Washington D.C. We will fly to meet them every other month in a different country to spend a week with them. (Guatemala, Romania, Thailand, Cambodia, and Uganda).

A little more than a week ago, I returned from Cuba where I helped lead a team of men from Third Option Men, as we visited churches in central Cuba. We arrived in Havana, had lunch downtown, and began a 4 1/2 hour trip to Santi Spiritus (name translated means Holy Spirit).

Each night we gathered to discuss engaging questions and discover how to best tackle life as a Third Option Man. The first two nights we each shared our personal testimonies. In that time the men on this trip were completely open about their lives, their struggles with sin, their mountain top experiences, their families, everything. 

We arrived on a Saturday, and on Sunday morning attended a Cuban church led by our host pastor. On Monday we had an amazing experience. We visited a new church plant in a neighborhood with no churches. It is an area mostly controlled by a warlock. The pastor of this new church plant rented, on purpose, the house right next door to the warlock and is reclaiming the area for God. 

In his youth, this pastor was a trained boxer in Cuba, and is a fearless pastor. He, along with his wife and two young children, are making a real difference. That night we hosted a group of men from around the city to speak with them about the role that God intended for men in the church and in their families. From our team, Pastor Tim Fowler and Evan Dawson (founder of Third Option Men), spoke and challenged these men.

The next two days we did construction work on a seminary building underway in Jacabonito. This truly was an amazing time and I am excited to return with another team in less than two weeks.

Yes. Life is full and God is good!!

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  1. love the way God brought you and Marcy to Adventures…for such a time as this.

    we are so much better for the two of you being here.

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