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Yes, I am with the feet people!!


The picture above is of the sign that is on the side of all the AIM relief vehicles in Haiti. It states our name and says “Mercy in Motion.”  Pretty straight forward wouldn’t you say? I thought so too, until I was in Haiti several weeks ago. I was standing next to our van one day and a Haitian man pointed at me and said in creole “Mercy Man”. I was good with that, because I’ve been called worse and I kind of liked the thought.  The very next day, I was on the back of one of our pickup trucks and as we stopped for traffic, an older Haitian woman starting speaking to me in Creole. One of our translators, seeing my confused expression, explained that she wanted to know if I was with the feet people. I realized she was seeing the above sign, so I nodded and said,”Yes, I am with the feet people”. She smiled and said “Thank you, thank you!”

That AIM logo in Haiti is a very good thing. They may not get the whole Adventures in Missions thing (much to the chagrin of our marketing people) but where that sign shows up there is hope. There are people to pray with them, and to listen and care. There is evidence, in a practical way, that they are not forgotten. That sign says to them tomorrow does not have to be like today. God’s love rides behind that sign.

All this got me to thinking. Back here at home we all wear a sign also. That sign says “Christian”.  When our sign shows up here, what do people point and say? Funny, I lived a life time here, but I’m more confident in how I’m viewed in Haiti.  How about you?

I am writing this today from Miami, as I wait to board a plane for Haiti. I will once again be one of the “Feet People.”

God Bless