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I want to share with you some moments from my time here.

Today, I was in a room for a meeting between Pastor Ed Noble from Journey church in San Diego, and a Haitian pastor he was talking to about a church to church partnership to help them. As I was sitting there and they were sharing, the Spirit entered that room so thick.  For no reason, I had tears running down my face and Ed got choked up also. At that moment the partnership was sealed. The pastors moved from get to know you better, to how do we help each other.  A little piece of Haiti will get brighter and I believe the Spirit showed up to approve.

Tonight some of us were on the roof of the base looking out over Port-Au-Prince harbor. Clouds were rolling over the mountains. I saw Kelsey who I hadn’t seen since thur. She looked at me and said ” Why do we ever go to the office”  We had different but same experiences during the week and were sharing them. Not even half way through sharing we both had tears. Most awful conditions here you could ever imagine, but yet……….

We pulled into a diesel station in Carrefour on thus. and two Tap Taps pulled in full of passengers. Out of nowhere I heard my name called. The Tap Taps carried an AIM team. On board was a Lady named Angie Jeffers from a church that had donated a large circus type tent to a Haitian church in our program whose church fell. She was here with AIM to check on her churches donation.  She started to tell me about her week and the service she attended under that tent and she had tears in her eyes.

three stories of tears and all tears of Joy. But just look anywhere here and it wouldn’t seem possible. God has not forgotten Haiti. I talked to a girl tonight who came done on a trip with AIM last week for one week. She works in a medical office back home. When her group left she just stayed, staying again next week. I asked her why. She said I don’t know.

I don’t know much anymore either.


  1. I understand those tears. Most of my week was spent with either tears of joy or tears of sadness. So sad to see the reality, so joyful to feel God and how He is moving and experience the overwhelming hope they have.

    I remember coming back and sitting at my desk on Monday not understanding why I had returned.

    I haven’t met or talked with anyone who has gone there who hasn’t been changed in incredible ways. Thanks for going and sharing!

  2. Thanks for your updates from Haiti. It is difficult to grasp the suffering on such a massive scale. May the Lord bless the work you’re doing there. We’re praying for you and the team.

  3. Hey Bruce,
    Im sitting in a cafe in Ireland reading your blog. Just wanted you to know that I am really excited for you, as in for what God will do in you personally through these experiences. These days are very significant. I also know that Haiti and the people have been blessed because of you. This is a good thing. Anyway, I love you and am praying for you from Ireland!

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