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Today began as we loaded two AIM trucks with 52lb. bags of rice and 104lb. bags of beans, and topped it off with water proof tarps to be delivered to a tent city associated with one of the pastors in our church to church program. We were just taking the loads to a staging point where they would be reloaded for delivery with a police escort by one of our teams.  Since we did not have security for this first stage of the shipment we had people sitting on the supplies in the back of the trucks. 

Our route took us through the market area of Port-Au-Prince, a very crowed , traffic congested area.  On the other side was Marassa 14 and 9 two large tent cities side by side with over 5,000 living there.  When we arrived we dropped off our team, and I moved to the back of the truck to help with security for the load, as we headed back to the staging area at Pastor Christians.

I was sitting next to Stephanie Pridgen in the back of the truck. I asked how she was doing and she said “Fine Now”. Then she proceeded to tell me that when we came through the market area earlier, a man in his twenties had jumped her truck and grabbed her camera that was around her neck. Geftay, one of our Haitian staff, had to jump across the truck bed and hit the guy to make him let go. I was inside the lead truck, and had no idea it had happened.  Then I realized that we were headed back now through that same market, in that same creeping traffic, carrying the one thing these people desperately need and trying to protect it for those that don’t just need it but have to have it.

It was in the back of that truck, that I had one of those life moments. What in the world am I doing in the back of this truck, in the pouring rain, in Port-AU-Prince Haiti. My adrenalin was in overdrive, My fight or flight was engaged, and I realized that at that moment I felt fully alive. I was on a natural high.  God had me exactly where he wanted me and he was putting on a show and I was just along to enjoy the ride, and I was enjoying it when everything around me and my circumstances said I shouldn’t.


  1. Dad,

    I’m so proud of you and how you’re letting God take over. That is the best feeling- knowing you’re in the center of His will (regardless of the dangers that might entail). I’m praying for your safety, but more so that you’ll experience the heart of Christ for the people of Haiti. Reading your blogs, its clear you already are.

    In Him,


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